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Which kind of biometric we can collect?



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    Lauren Domingo

    Hi Gang Li, thank you for your question.  We do not provide all the derived features in Table 11, but these features can be calculated with existing access to the eye tracking data combined with additional access to raw PPG output.  As PPG data has the potential to reveal protected biometric health data, you will need additional agreements to gain access to this sensor output.   Please submit a ticket requesting access to the PPG.

  • Gang Li

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for your reply, okay, for the raw PPG data, I am clear now. 

    But regarding the features, I am still not very clear, could you let me know which derived features we could access to? Or do you mean that you do not provide any derived features?


  • Lauren Domingo

    Does the following documentation help?

    This is the list of features we provide in the Academic license model.

    Let us know if you have further questions, thanks!


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