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Is it possible to silence or disable the Windows Mixed Reality Portal app?



  • Lauren Domingo

    We will look into this.  So that I best understand the setup can you confirm and reply on the following:

    1. Healthcare worker is operating the experience and is the primary input into the app (via desktop: keyboard and mouse) - is this correct?
    2. Patient in observation mode, perhaps only input coming from patient to app is biometric data but no controller data - correct?
    3. Can you elaborate on how portal gets in the way for kiosk mode?

    Feel free to submit a ticket if you want to keep your information more confidential.  Currently we are using the HP Omnicept Community Forum which is GREAT because it helps others but I do want to remind you of the option to keep your issues/tickets completely private via ticketing: Submit a request at the top right corner.

  • Shachar Weis
    Conversation starter

    Yes, the operator is on the computer and the patient is in VR. The operator can control the VR experience via UI that's on the desktop. 

    I would love if the portal ran hidden in the background and didn't lock the desktop mouse by default. 

  • Lauren Domingo

    Hi Vice 

    Still looking into this one.  Have you found the Windows setting/registry key to "Manually Switch" input for Mixed Reality?

    I am able to control the input and keep it on the desktop when the headset wakes from sleep, but I am having issue with first time plugging in the headset it is still redirecting input.  I am testing more but wondered if you experienced the same behavior after switching the setting.

  • Lauren Domingo

    After a few weeks (system restarts, update to Windows Mixed Reality December 2020) I am able to keep the input control as the Desktop when unplugging/plugging in the headset, waking up the headset, opening up apps - it's behaving!  Let me know if you're still having issues - will bring it up with MSFT if so.


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