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Unity errors with HP Samples (OminceptSamples.unitypackage)



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    Sergi Tortosa

    Hello Almudena,

    Thank you for bringing out attention to this issue and apologizes for the inconvenience with the samples! We have noticed that our last release did include more scripts than needed. By deleting the old samples and redownloading the samples now, you should be able to get them up and running. Remember that those samples rely on unity XR and Unity XR Interaction Toolkit to get tracking and controllers working. 

    If you are interested in a sample on how to write data in a csv format I can give you some pointers while we work to include this on the samples.

    Thank you! 

  • Almudena Palacios-Ibáñez

    Hi Sergi, I reloaded the samples and the errors dissparead, but I still have some scripts missing on GameObjects (as Glia XR Rig and XR Interaction Manager), but maybe that is because of the Unity XR interaction toolkit. On the other hand, It would be nice to have those tips.

  • Sergi Tortosa


    Yes, missing game objects are due to the Unity XR Interaction toolkit missing. Also linking here the how to write data on a file thread for anyone interested.

    Thank you!


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