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Is the camera good enough for mouth animations? Are there Developer Tools for this? Or is it just a Gray Scale 400x400 sensor data?



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    Lauren Domingo

    Please see our latest dataset and whitepaper on using the face camera for avatar recognition.  This is informational, there is no Omnicept SDK release that supports this functionality but we've provided pointers and references for the work:

  • Lauren Domingo

    Hi Tim,

    At the present moment, you are correct - the only value you are getting from the mouth camera is the raw Grayscale images.  HP Omnicept team is working to provide avatar APIs late 2021/early 2022.  If you are signed up on our console, you will get an email with this feature availability.  Let me know if you have specific requests/insights you'd like me to feed to the dev team on this.


  • SimCrew Developers

    Any update on the ETA for this avatar API? Also, any indication of what kind of data we can expect?

  • Wolfram Kresse

    Hi Lauren Domingo! Is there any news on this?

    We have an Omnicept here, but so far the Face Camera image is pretty useless, except looking nice... :-/
    We're using Unity.
    We tried to apply other existing Face Capture software - but they generally have trouble recognizing anything since only a fraction of the face is visible, and the image is quite distorted due to the wide angle and close distance.

    It would really help if you had some pointers concerning the best way on how to process this camera image, and how to extract face tracking data from it.

    Or maybe there are at least some examples out there which already accomplish this task?

    Thank you for any help! 



  • Lauren Domingo

    Hi Wolfram,

    We have worked on this within our team and achieved promising results, but since then there have been Omnicept changes ( 

    I am going to reach out to our research team to see if they can provide pointers referenced for expression recognition given mouth images.  

  • Jonas

    Hi Lauren Domingo,

    are there any updates on this topic regarding the beforementioned avatar APIs?



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