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Solutions for issues downloading HP Omnicept SDK/Samples



  • Blake Schreurs

    Also, when I try to download something, it never auto-downloads. When I hit the "Try Downloading Again" link, it works fine.


  • Sergi Tortosa

    Hello Blake Schreurs,

    Thanks for the feedback! On the developers portal message I have forwarded your issue to the team and see why are you seeing this message the expected behavior when not logged in is to prompt you to login or register to access the content. Can you provide any extra information on if your account timed out or you weren't logged in at all?

    On the second issue: When trying to automatically download the developer portal try to open a new window/tab which may be blocked by your browser can you please check if this is the scenario for you? In these cases, it works with the try again as it will start the download without doing this. 

    Again, thank you for taking the time of reporting these issues! 


  • Blake Schreurs

    I hadn't been logged in at all, since I was accessing the site from a computer that had not been on the Developer portal previously. Looks like your web team is fast and has already changed it to be a login screen instead of the cryptic error. That's much better!

    The second issue is far less important, a potential optimization instead of fixing something that confuses users. Since it's a pop-up, and likely since it's a pop-up that goes between domains (HP to AWS), I would expect/desire for my browser to block that pop-up. (I did web development in the 90s, when pop-ups became universally reviled). In an ideal world it may be worth investigating a different auto-download approach. In the meantime the phrase "Try downloading again" (which implies a failure where there was none) could be changed to "Try downloading your file directly"

  • Almudena Palacios-Ibáñez

    It is happening again!

    When I use google chrome at least... this doesn't happen when using edge for example.

  • Sergi Tortosa


    Yes, this is not fixed, seems to be a problem with the session expiring and the portal throwing out this message.

    Refreshing and login in again should solve the issue.

    Apologizes for the inconveniences this issue may cause.


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