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  • Sergi Tortosa


    Unfortunately, omnicept does not provide a built-in heatmap feature. If you are willing to use omnicept data to create a heatmap you can use the eye gaze data to ray cast to the different objects and use this data to build a heatmap.

    If you are doing raycast on unity for this it will look something like this: 

    if (Physics.Raycast(new Ray(camera.transform.position, camera.transform.rotation * new Vector3(eyeTracking.CombinedGaze.X * -1, eyeTracking.CombinedGaze.Y, 1)), out RaycastHit hit))
    //Use here the hit info to save data to rebuild heatmap.

    Note that we are flipping the X-axis as the unity coordinate system is different from the eye tracker one. Also, we are using the camera position center as the origin of the ray, omnicept does provide a direction vector.





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