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Unity build doesn't work but application is ok



  • Sergi Tortosa


    From your description two things could be happening: 

    • Your app is not approved: The tray app has a section that allows you to authorize or reject new apps connecting to omnicept. Run your application and check the incoming subscriptions request section.

    Definitely 2020.3 it's a supported version so if none of this works please raise a support ticket and we will take a closer look together! 

  • Marijan

    Thank you so much Sergi for your quick response!

    So the solution for us was to replace the IL2CPP with Mono and change to NET.framework4xx. This has made the build much quicker but also now it works as expected!
    The other solutions didn't work. Firstly, the Omnicept application wasn't even being called and the IL2CPP just didn't compile correctly even with the library hack.

    Thanks once again!


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