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Recording what a user is seeing


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  • Sergi Tortosa


    Unfortunately we don't provide a video/frame recording capability. What I can suggest is to record the frames and use omnicept timestamp values when saving the frames in order to later on be able to have a mapping between the frames and the data (or save the frame with the omnicept data so you can reconstruct that). A simpler approach (not sure if this works for your use case) is to record a video of the VR app and any graph showing realtime data of omnicept so you can review this later but you will lose the ability to explore over the data and so on.  

    If you are willing just to take some snapshots at certain moments unity screen capture allows you to take a screenshot with a few lines of code, this will need extra work if you are willing to create a video so you don't run into performance issues and are able to compose the video with ffmpeg or similar later on. There are also many assets on the store that will be able to handle this also and you can store on the omnicept data the frame of the recorder where it corresponds and then you should be able to play it back. 


    Sergi Tortosa




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