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Avatar APIs



  • Tim

    I am also interested in when the Avatar API might come out. I was hoping there would be an update on its status with the recent license changes, but alas.

    Very interested in how much can be done with it, especially with the abundant data from the existing Eyetracking and Heart sensors. I have been trying to use the raw video from the facecam in existing facetracking solutions, but it is pretty clear that they will be nowhere near as accurate/detailed as a native, tailormade solution.

  • Lauren Domingo

    HP Omnicept SDK has a face camera with IR illumination that supports avatar expression. Our team welcomes the developer community to collaborate developing avatar expression given these platform capabilities and camera access. 

    We have worked on this within our team and achieved promising results, but since then there have been Omnicept changes ( HP Omnicept hardware and software is a platform for research and for engagement by the broader XR developer community to advance the state-of-the-art for VR with real-time bio analytics. It has specific SDK capabilities provided by our HP dev team, and other features require active community engagement to develop further. HP’s Omnicept SDK is now free for everyone, and we welcome participation by all.


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